Welcome to Nutri6’s TESTIMONIAL SECTION.

This section is SPECIALLY DEDICATED for our Nutri6’s fans as a TOKEN OF GRATITUDE for using the Nutri6 SERIES.

Every Nutri6 fan is eligible to enroll into the BEST TESTIMONIAL AWARD & stand a chance to earn some $ back home! (monthly money reward program)

All entries are ACCEPTED in languages such as English, Malay, Simplified Chinese, etc.

Submit your entries NOW & enjoy the REWARD for being a Nutri6 fan!

All the best & good luck.

Reward details as follow:

  • 13 USD / 50 MYR will be rewarded to the first 50 people who submits a testimonial within this page.
  • Contestant #51 & beyond is eligible to participate in the BEST REVIEW campaign.

1st prize – 1,500 MYR / 350 USD

2nd prize – 1,000 MYR / 250 USD

3rd prize – 500 MYR / 125 USD

4th prize and so on – consolation prize


  • Fans are required to provide ACCURATE DETAILS in order for Nutri6’s management team to CONTACT the ELIGIBLE WINNERS
  • Fans MUST attach PROOF OF PURCHASE with the testimonials whenever enrolling for the campaign.
  • Eligible winners will be announced within 30 days AFTER submission due date.
  • Details collected are only meant for the campaign and not for OTHER MATTERS. 

Here're some GREAT EXAMPLES for the testimonials: