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Botanical Grape & Tropical Fruit Juice Powder Mix Beverage


The Invincible “sun glass” to wear anytime, anywhere.


Why pick NutriV?

  • NutriV provides you with a full spectrum of eye protection
  • Shield eyes from harmful BLUE LIGHT exposure
  • Promote accurate & sharper vision
  • Reduce eye fatigue & dryness caused by BLUE LIGHT
  • Speed up recovery from eye damages
  • Support healthy vision with aging
  • Reduce the risk of developing long term eye-degeneration

3 reviews for NutriV

  1. Amanda Lee

    One fine day, my friend was telling me to drink this Nutri V “thingy”. Then I told her, no la, I don’t want to drink it. Look at my kitchen, I have so manyyyy similar products in my rack. Anti aging la, good for eyesight la, lose weight la & many more. Do you think I really need it now? But, after drinking Nutri V for more than a month now. I start to see, some improvement in my eyesight. I feel like I have a sharper vision now, don’t need to rely too much on my glasses now. Yay!!!!

  2. Sabrina Huang

    You’ll never go wrong with Nutri V. I had bought a lot of products that claim it will improve my eyesight. But I still don’t see much improvement after taking it.

    Apparently, this is one of the best eyesight related products out there. That has the word “Floraglo Lutein” in it.

  3. Eugene Wong

    First of all, I use to be wearing spectacles a lot!!! WHen I was working or back in the college dayss, but recently I was Facebooking & I came across this Nutri6 brand. Then they claim this NUtri V can help my eye sight wor. So I decided to give it a shot! Guess what, I’m no more the “si yan gui” that my mates use to call me! Haha!!! Thanks alot Nutri6!

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