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Revitalise your inner beauty with NutriB.


A holistic formulation that guarantee to achieve youthful skin within 14 days!



  • Repair damaged cells that are caused by oxidation stress
  • Restore skin cell activity
  • Improve skin moisture, more radiant glowing skin
  • Formulated using natural ingredients & vegan (vegetarian) friendly
  • Made out of HALAL Certified ingredients


NutroxSun (NutriB)


  • Free radical scavenger, preventing oxidation stress
  • Photo-aging prevention and protect skin layer
  • Rosemary and grapefruit extract work synergistically to counteract the negative effects of solar radiation

Saffron Extract (SafrInside)

  • a decrease in stress levels, resulting in good quality sleep
  • improves the production of serotonin, GABA & dopamine

2 reviews for NutriB

  1. Nur (verified owner)

    I came here because I don’t believe any health product companies will be willing to offer their products at such a low price with the existence of ingredients like “saffron extract”. I know similar brands that offer products with Saffron in it. But I still don’t believe Nutri6 is able to do that. Anyways, money worth spend!

  2. Michelle Leong (verified owner)

    For a lovely lady like me who always go partying!!!! I highly recommend Nutri B to friends who are reading this comment! Nothing feels better when you have at least 1 glass of NutriB daily & still look like your 20’s. I’m luvinnn it!

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