Introducing Nutri-D

Premium NATURAL-DETOX DRINK for the wise. Refined & crafted by industry experts that's concerned about OUR HEALTH & WELLNESS CONDITION.

All yours for just RM(MYR) 188 per pack.

Amount of fiber that we should consume each day (NutriD)

NutriD, a detox drink that's crafted to perfection.

Here's how taking DAILY-GLASSES of NutriD can help our body. It'll simply:

  • Nourishes our gastrointestinal gut health with natural prebiotics
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Improves bowel regularity
  • Significantly reduce bloating
  • Natural & healthy way to lose weight
  • Increases metabolism & energy level
  • Brightens skin complexion from within

Get ready to strengthen your INTESTINAL HEALTH & begin your WEIGHT MANAGEMENT JOURNEY today!

In short, NutriD helps us to improve our body by focusing on some of the KEY ELEMENTS such as:

Here's a FULL LIST for NutriD's powerful ingredient blend.

Kiwi fruit extract (Actazin)

  • Made from non-GMO New Zealand Hayward kiwifruit
  • Gluten-free, because it’s entirely made from whole kiwifruit
  • Contains natural source of fiber, Enzymes and Polyphenols, a gentle alternative to harsh laxative
  • Promotes bowel regularity
  • Good combination with Probiotics to boost the good gut bacteria and Microflora in the intestine
  • Contains essential Enzymes that able to assist protein digestion
  • Communicate with cells of the gastrointestinal immune system and the liver to coordinate an immune response to food toxins
Kiwi Fruit (Actazin, NutriD)
Fibersol-2 (NutriD)
Corn (Fibersol-2, NutriD)

Soluble Corn Fiber (Fibersol-2)

  • A digestion resistant Maltodextrin obtained from corn with high soluble fiber content
  • Low in calories
  • It’s undigested by Enzymes and acts as Prebiotic in human digestive area
  • It’s a soluble dietary fiber that’ll help to improve the gastrointestinal health

Potato extract (Slendesta)

  • Slendesta helps in controlling hunger hence managing body weight effectively
  • Helps in increasing satiety thus causing us to reduce in our meal portion
  • Contains natural protein sourced from U.S.A. grown, non-GMO white potatoes which have been safely consumed for centuries
Potato extract for NutriD
chicory root (Inulin frutafit, NutriD)

Inulin (Frutafit)

  • It is a soluble dietary fiber that’ll help to improve the gastrointestinal health
  • Acts as a Prebiotic that can be a source of nutrients for the good bacteria
  • Inulin helps to improve digestion and stimulate a better bowel movement
  • Inulin helps to prevent constipation from occurring within the body

Fermented Grain Extract

  • The fermented grain is able to work synergistic-ally with soluble fibers by being a source of nutrients for good bacteria within our gastrointestinal gut
  • It’ll result in growth of good microbes within our gastrointestinal gut promoting bowel regularity
  • Growth of good microbes will also contribute to strengthen our immune system
Apple (NutriD)
peach for NutriD

Natural Fruit Powder (Apple and Peach)

  • N.F.P. is high in soluble fiber, increases satiety and suppress appetite, thus reduce calorie intake and promote weight loss
  • It provides good source of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants for anti- inflammation and healthy skin complexion
  • Contains essential Enzymes to ease digestion, thus reduce bloating
  • Retains water in bowel, promote bowel regularity
  • Promotes growth of Probiotics that boost intestinal health and immunity

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the MOST COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS collected from fans of Nutri6 products.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee for Nutri6 products?
Answer: Yes! We do offer MONEY BACK GUARANTEE but it’s CASE-BY-CASE BASIS & subject to approval by the Nutri6’s management team.
Are your products SAFE TO CONSUME?
Answer: Yes! All of the products are manufactured using NATURAL INGREDIENTS such as HERBS & EXTRACTS FROM FRUITS & PLANTS that are safe to consume by people of ALL AGES & HEALTH CONDITION.
Are your products verified by ANY CERTIFICATION BODIES?
Answer: Yes! It meets requirements set by the Ministry of Health, Food Safety & Quality Division, HALAL Certification (Muslim dietary laws), Health & Traditional Herbs Supplement Authorities from Malaysia. Not to mention our Nutri6 products are MADE according to the STRICT RULES enforced by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (U.S.A.’s National Library of Medicine).
What kind of benefits do I get if I purchase from ““?
Answer: Of course there is, just send us your testimonial (before & after consuming the products) to “” & stand a chance to win attractive MONTHLY MONEY REWARD PROGRAM. We call it BEST TESTIMONIAL MONEY REWARD PROGRAM, buy more and get chances to participate in our REVOLUTIONARY PARTNER PROGRAM too!
What kind of perks will I get besides the LIMITED TIME PRICE REDUCTION offer & the monthly money reward program?
Answer: Yes, you can choose to join our partner program and get goodies like HIGHER PRODUCT DISCOUNT, chances to enroll in PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM FOR FREE, MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE REWARDS, FREE HOLIDAY PACKAGE & participate in GRAND LUCKY DRAW.
Why do the webpages on “” load slowly?
Answer: We’re truly sorry for that if it affects your research & shopping experience on Nutri6. We’re currently experiencing CRAZY TRAFFIC INCREASE to our website due to the CRAZY DEAL OFFER. We sincerely appreciate your patience in the matter. 
Are our bank card details secured if purchases are made through ““?
Answer: Definitely! We honor the online-security segment a lot! Do you notice our DOMAIN starts with “https” & there’s a LOCK ICON beside “https”? It’s a sign that all transactions are SAFE & TRANSACTIONS are ONLY MADE through MOLPay (Malaysia & South East Asia’s LEADING ONLINE PAYMENT GATEWAY) & international payment gateways such as PayPal. Rest assured.
Do you offer FREE SHIPPING for local buyers (residents of Malaysia) through ““?
Answer: Unfortunately no, we do charge AT LEAST RM6 (MYR) flat fee for ANY OF Nutri6’s products shipped & purchased through ““.We’ll get you notified, once there are any updates about the SHIPPING FEE.
Answer: Unfortunately, we do charge AT LEAST $20 (U.S.D.) for any of Nutri6’s products shipped internationally & purchased through ““. Final shipping fee MAY VARY depending on the region you’re living in; Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc.
How do I know if the Nutri6 products on my hand are authentic? 
Answer: We have embedded a QR CODE authentication method in every pack of Nutri6 products. Therefore, you could pretty much assure that the Nutri6 products that are with you are manufactured by BiodezPro. The in-house manufacturer for Nutri6 products.